Personal Potential Diagnosis

The fact that the professional potential of employees is the human capital of each organisation does not need to be convinced.

Our task is to help clients discover where their employees' strengths lie and how to use them throughout the company's system to achieve greater efficiency and job satisfaction among the team.

In our work, we use the Motivational Potential Assessment tool with the MAPP technique, thanks to which we are able to precisely indicate how internal motivations, tastes and inclinations of the examined person will translate into the implementation of her professional tasks.

The test is carried out in the form of an on-line test, each time after its completion
and obtaining the results we provide a feedback session for both the examined person and her supervisor.

We successfully use this kind of tool in the process of internal promotion, succession, assessment of managerial potential, decreases in team performance, etc.

Our goal is to show our clients that a good fit of the employee to the position and role in the organisation will result in:

  • wider knowledge about your own team
  • possibility of effective management of the professional development direction of employees
  • increased motivation to work for team members
  • strengthening the use of employees' strengths
  • removal of losses related to missed trainings

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