Employment agency

In the field of our temporary work service we search, recruit and deputise for our customers temporary and seasonal workers.

For your company, as an Employer User cooperation with our agency can come in handy a very simple, economical and comfortable way of enlistment the workers with needed skills.

In that, you are able to easily man your ship without the need of executing a lengthy and costly recruitment process.

On our part, we take care of any formalities related to employment and remuneration for employees.

All accounts between your company and our firm are realised by VAT invoices.

Temporary or seasonal workers are organised by us for many sectors of the economy, including:

  • caregiving
  • cleaning
  • recycling
  • packaging
  • construction
  • production
  • technology
  • logistics
  • warehousing
  • maintenance works
  • agriculture and food
  • and many other

We work with manual and core workers, maintenance technicians, machine operators, care assistants and unskilled workers as well in many industries, as in Poland as abroad.

Each of our employees gets an appropriate contract and we provide them with the right information about a company, working conditions and the current law and regulations.

With our extensive experience in many different industries, we always try to deliver tailor-made solutions for our clients.

When you describe your requirements and expectations towards temporary or seasonal workers
we will be happy to prepare and present you a really individual offer in this matter.

Increase your chances with our workers, mainly from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nepal and India.

Business Line Support is entered in the Domestic Register of Job Agency in Poland with number 13505

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